Who Am I?


My name is Ray Wilson, and I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve traveled and lived across the country while working as a recording engineer for chart-topping artists including Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, The Roots and Jill Scott. I graduated from the same high school as Boyz II Men, and also a published photographer. But I've always been drawn to music, musicians and DJs.

I remember hearing Jazzy Jeff scratch a record for the first time and wanting to be just like him. So I did what any kid would do, and started ‘practicing’ on the records I had access to. I still owe my cousin a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”.

By middle school I became focused more on learning music and started claiming my parents’ jazz and soul albums. When I could, I'd add current hip hop and R&B to build my collection.

Jazzy Jeff, Me and Questlove (c. 2009)

Jazzy Jeff, Me and Questlove (c. 2009)

Influenced by DJs from Philly, NY and NJ, I started making mixtapes in high school using my bedroom stereo, and sharing them with friends. By my freshman year in college, I'd purchased my first pair of turntables and started playing parties on and off-campus. With my focus changing, I began spending more time at the record store than in class, and eventually left film school to study music.

Putting my energy toward building a career in the music industry caused me to stop DJing, but I never lost the love. I became friends with a number of high-profile DJs and remained close to the art.

In 2014, I helped produce an established internet radio show and became their resident DJ. Weekly, I'd perform hour long mixes, and had no idea that it would bring me full-circle, leading me to requests for weddings and private events. In 2016, my family and I moved to the NC Piedmont where SocialSoundtracks was established.

An absolute joy to work with! If I had to use one word to describe the experience we had I would say, AMAZING!
— Kia M