Catch the Vibo

I’m always looking for ways to make planning easier for my clients and myself. A year or so ago, I ran across an app that was dedicated to helping people create song lists for their event. At the time I wasn’t sure about it, considering I was using my website to capture that information. Fast forward a year and I’ve changed my backend processes and needed to fill this gap. Enter Vibo.

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LISTEN TO: 2019 Charlotte Pride Parade Mix

This year I was asked to participate as a DJ in the Charlotte Pride Parade. Unfortunately, due to some last-minute family obligations that affected my availability, I had to send over a mix instead of playing live on the back of a pickup truck. I was incredibly honored and excited to be part of such a great celebration, regardless of how I had to do it.

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Last week, I got to help a great student celebrate her high school graduation. Although the party was at he home, there was plenty of room for me and a dance floor. As soon as I got finished setting up, her family made a point to come by and give me their requests for later in the evening, which made my job a little easier because a lot of it was stuff already in my crate for the party.

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10 Tips For Planning The Perfect Event

I'm always asked by couples for advice on how to make sure their wedding is successful, and I share the following tips. There are times when some of these can't be avoided, but if you follow most of them, your guests will rave about your reception for years to come!

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Lauren & Kyle

Lauren and Kyle planned an early spring garden wedding at the beautiful McGill Rose Garden in Uptown Charlotte. But with only a week to go, there was an 80% chance of rain in Saturday’s forecast We all became anxious and began to prepare for the possibility of a wash-out, watching the weather for any sign of improvement. Each day the chance decreased and by Saturday at noon, the sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky.

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