Before I start this post, I want to say congratulations to the class of 2019!

Last week, I got to help a great student celebrate her high school graduation. Although the party was at he home, there was plenty of room for me and a dance floor. As soon as I got finished setting up, her family made a point to come by and give me their requests for later in the evening, which made my job a little easier because a lot of it was stuff already in my crate for the party. Once her friends arrived, they were a bit more hesitant to request anything so early.

I started off with some instrumentals of some of the popular songs throughout her high school years before moving to some newer songs. I kept it pretty low key for a while, not wanting to spike the energy too soon. Once the food was served, there was a lot of ‘family reunion’ style music to play, and the younger group moved out to the deck for a while. I got to play for the adults before Faith and her friends came back and I switched it up. Whoever says the younger generation doesn’t dance is wrong. For about 45 minutes, I kept them on the dance floor, fulfilling their requests before they could even get to ask for them. Once they got tired, they all went to have a seat in the living room and that’s when the adults took over. We pretty much wrapped up the night with a ton of early 2000s Atlanta/New Orleans hip hop before hitting the R&B classics. The kids even came out to join them for the last few minutes!

Since my spring/early-summer is a little slow this year due to my surgery and family obligations, this was a super fun event to do. I love when I can get the entire party on the floor at one time.

Check out some of my favorite songs from the party below!