Below are some of the questions I am asked most. If you have any that aren’t listed here, feel free to contact me directly!

+ What's the difference between hiring a DJ or just using my phone?

Your phone can do many things, but it cannot replace a skilled DJ. Even using your streaming service of choice, it can’t read the crowd, play only the best parts of the song, manage the energy on the dance floor or mix in requests on the fly. Unfortunately, you only get one chance to create these memories.

+ What type of music do you play?

My musical tastes are universal, but I really love it when a client challenges me to play something outside of my comfort zone. I like most genres and time periods, and use that knowledge to create a musical journey that matches their vision and tone for the event, while keeping it appealing to the guests in attendance.

+ Do you only play clean versions?

By default I play clean versions, but clients may request that I play the dirty versions instead. This must be discussed and agreed upon prior to the event.

+ Do you have MC experience?

My style of MCing is low-key and professional. I don't spend much time on the microphone because I am more interested in being as invisible as possible, allowing the focus to remain on you. The majority of my MCing includes announcements and other things that keep things moving smoothly, so there’s no need for you to worry about what is next.

+ How do you interact with guests?

My interaction with the guests is creating a musical experience that progresses throughout the day, and ends with a packed dance floor. I'll host any games or activities requested and will happily incorporate any cultural activities or themes.

+ What do you typically wear?

I prefer a suit and tie, but most of my clients opt for a modern dress shirt and black pants, unless otherwise requested. On extremely hot days, I may wear a black polo during the ceremony, and change before the reception.

+ Are you insured?

SocialSoundtracks is fully insured, and able to provide a certificate of insurance at the venue's request.